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Media Relations

Most clients want us to get them into the media  - whether online, print or broadcast - as a more cost effective form of marketing than advertising. Putting clients into the content of the media isn't just cheaper than advertising, it's more effective than advertising because people actually want to consume content. Nobody reads the papers for the adverts. People want to be informed, educated and entertained, rather than advertised at. 

However, media relations is not just about getting into the media. Good media relations is about about managing the media: asserting control over your communications with journalists; making journalists' lives as easy as possible - actively helping them to create their content; and placing clients in the right media, at the right time, saying the right things.  

Naturally we provide what you would expect from a media relations service: the creation of content that media outlets can use - whether text, audio or video; targeted dissemination of news releases; production of feature articles; placement of spokespeople for interviews; photo opportunities and more.

What's different is our journalistic focus. Our approach to media relations is based on creating compelling content, hard news, insightful features - not PR puff. We do this through solid planning, research, tracking journalists' interests and generating creative angles. 

All Parker, Wayne & Kent's public relations professionals are trained in journalism. This expertise, combined with rigorous  public relations training, gives our public relations professionals unique insight into exactly what interests the media. This is a huge advantage for any business wishing to increase their public profile and heighten awareness of their brand. 


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